Researching solutions for a more peaceful world

Many people in the world continue to suffer from war, oppression, and violence. We at the Conflict and Development Foundation study and promote discussion about the relationship between conflict and international development.

Ithuba Conflict Resolution Foundation

Creating Space for Conflict Transformation

The Ithuba Conflict Resolution Foundation is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organisation that supports efforts to prevent political and social violence, and to achieve sustainable peace through conflict transformation.

About Us

The organization is known as Ithuba Conflict Resolution Foundation. Its main purpose will be to assist people, communities, governmental organizations, Provincial and Municipal; Government Parastatals, Non-Governmental organizations, Corporate world including Parastatals with successful managing of conflict and with the aim of obtaining a positive outcome.



  • Conflict Resolution
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Negotiations
  • Group Problem solving
  • Motivation
  • Team Building
  • Community Conflict Resolution
  • Political Conflict Resolution
  • Faction Fighting Conflict Resolution .


Our Mission

The organisation will assist entities at large, to identify, acknowledge and resolve conflict better. The organisation will provide techniques for improving conflict resolution and contribute to building a climate of internal and external co-operation to all parties concerned


Welcome Message


With escalating conflict in South Africa ranging between individuals, organisation, people vs. organisations and vice versa in both Public and Private Sector, there is no doubt that there is an ongoing need for managing conflict with the aim of achieving positive outcomes for all concerned.



To contribute positively towards realization of South Africa’s dream entrenched in the principles of Empowerment.  

To Revive Cultural Values through Workshops, Motivation, Training and Team Building.  

To resolve Conflict by using approved and reliable methods, thus ensuring a positive outcome with the intention of a Win-Win solution being the goal. (Conciliation)  

To assist different parties in working together in a conflict free environment.



In Northern Ireland, like South Africa, the future cannot lie in the past

It has been a weekend of bonfires and marches in Northern Ireland commemorating the Protestant defeat of the Catholic King James II in 1690 at the Battle of the Boyne. The province has been studied extensively along with South Africa from the 1970s as comparative examples of political and inter-communal violence, policing and terrorism. With peace struck in both in the 1990s, GREG MILLS and DICKIE DAVIS take a look at Northern Ireland’s progress and failings.