Researching solutions for a more peaceful world

Many people in the world continue to suffer from war, oppression, and violence. We at the Conflict and Development Foundation study and promote discussion about the relationship between conflict and international development.

Ithuba Conflict Resolution Foundation



With escalating conflict in South Africa ranging between individuals, organisation, people vs. organisations and vice versa in both Public and Private Sector, there is no doubt that there is an ongoing need for managing conflict with the aim of achieving positive outcomes for all concerned. The Directors of Ithuba Conflict Resolution Foundation felt that it is important for skilled experienced individuals who are keen to contribute towards the fundamental growth of our young democracy, to get involved.

The company seeks to contribute towards managing and the eradication of conflict. The organisation shall see to it that the Aims and Objectives are realised. Our commitment as the Ithuba Conflict Resolution Foundation is based on the following grounds:

  • We Endeavour to provide client satisfaction.
  •  The I.C.R.F. places the needs of its clients above itself.
  • The provision of best service practices through the use of trained, skilled, knowledgeable and experienced personnel utilizing innovative strategies which includes our commitment to deliver. 

To summarise our target base includes the following entities:

  •  Individuals
  • Government ( i.e National, provincial Municipals)
  • Government Institutions
  • Non Government Institutions
  • The Co-operate world including Parastatals.
  • Genocide and faction fighting 

As proud Law Abiding Citizens, the founders and owners of this organisation poise their establishment to adhere to, abide by and comply with essential status that regulates affairs in the country, obviously such statutes will include but not limited to the following:

a) Constitution

b) Labour Relations Act

c) Skills Development Act.


We intend to be involved with high powered political elements if we are called to resolved political conflict outside the country. We are now in the process of persuading retired judges to join us in order to form a strong and reliable team. We further intend to involved retired president of the country in future to work with us too under this umbrella.